Pipe Bomb Found In Long Beach

Long Beach police sealed off English Village Drive at Highway 90 before sunrise. Then they waited for Biloxi's bomb squad to drive over and detonate the pipe bomb.

Bomb technicians said that while they were defusing the device, it exploded. Debris sprayed all over the neighborhood.

Investigators traced some of the debris to homes dozens of feet away from the bomb site. They also found small fragments in a yellow protective mat they set up near the device before the explosion. A bomb squad member carefully searched the mat, looking for the potential clues.

The fragments were placed in a bag and handed over to ATF agents. They were the lead agency in this investigation.

Back at the spot where the pipe bomb exploded, investigators found a pick up truck with a shattered window, and a hole in the driver's side door. They said two other cars in the neighborhood also had debris damage.

According to Long Beach police, three people between the ages of 17 and 20 were in the English Village house this morning when the pipe bomb was spotted. For most of the day, they were questioned by federal investigators, so authorities could get some idea who may have put the bomb there.