House Fires Devastate Two South Mississippi Families

Two South Mississippi families are asking for your help. This past week fires swept through their homes.

"I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. No one would I wish this on," said Hancock County resident Ann Rosson.

On Sunday, Rosson looked out at the rubble and ash that was once her home. She says since she and her son ran out of the burning house Friday night, the family has been living in limbo.

"No place to go," said Rosson."Jumping from house to house between my family. It's very hard especially when you've got three kids."

The walls of Velma Jones's Gulfport home will have to be gutted. Jones says the fire didn't spare anything she and her family owned. The family has had to scrounge for clothes so that her granddaughter can go to school.

"It was horrible," said Jones. "We hate for her to miss a day out of school because she's in the 10th grade and she needs to be there everyday. We just did the best we could finding her something to put on Friday."

All the fire victims we talked to say that from now on, they plan to make sure they have enough insurance. The Jones Family had insurance on the house, but not on their belongings. The Rossons didn't have it at all. Both families say the coverage was just too expensive. Some insurance agents say people need to evaluate their priorities, in case the unthinkable happens.

"Homeowners insurance is just like any other kind of insurance. You don't need it until something happens to you. But if something happens, it puts you into a world of hurt," said insurance agent Billy Hewes. "The world can't pick up the pieces, but the insurance company can pick up the pieces and save you from financial devastation in most cases."

Hewes says that some policies will not only help people replace their home and belongings, but also pay for temporary housing.

In the meantime, the Jones and Rosson families say they are in desperate need of furniture and clothing for both children and adults.

If you would like to help the Rosson family call (228) 493-2944. The family needs boys' size 34, women's 16 and boys' 4T.

For the Jones' call (228) 864-0968. The family needs women's size 20 and various other sizes.