NAACP Thanks Coast Business Leaders For Support

NAACP leaders say support from business leaders for the historically correct flag gives them hope that the confederate battle flag will come down from the eight flags display. Saturday, the group held a press conference to give their latest stance on the issue.

"The NAACP will momentarily withhold implementation or major direct action against Harrison County, Mississippi," said Eugene Bryant, NAACP president.

With that announcement, the NAACP commended local business leaders who recently spoke out against the confederate battle flag. Members say they want to work with as many groups as possible to bring the flag down.

"So there is no need for us to take further action now when the business people and other leaders in the community are trying to work with us. We ought to work with them," said member Lee Adams.

"I am very hopeful that the business community, the Gulf Coast casinos and religious leaders will have an impact on the governing body of Harrison County," said Bryant.

NAACP leaders say although they are hopeful, they will continue to fight against the flag. The group recently decided not to hold its state conference on the coast. The conference would have brought in 132 different chapters and youth groups as well.

"We had considered at one point and time to bring our convention here to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. However, since the Harrison County Board of Supervisors insist on creating social disharmony in Harrison County, the economic benefit which have logically flowed from a convention of this magnitude as the Mississippi state conference is now lost," said Bryant.