Business Group Speaks Out Against Flag

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Economic Development Council recently passed a motion urging the Harrison County Board of Supervisors to remove the flag. The group represents about 60 businesses throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

President Aldo Morell says they won't go before the Board of Supervisors as a group. But the Council is asking each member to contact the board and ask them to replace the battle flag with the historically correct stars and bars.

"We think it's hurting the people, it's hurting business, and it's hurting tourism because it doesn't represent the way we are. And it's giving the wrong image outside of this community. We are a very warm and caring people and this flag and this issue does not represent that," said president Aldo Morell.

Earlier this week, the Gulfport Business Club approved a resolution that asks the supervisors to remove the confederate battle flag. It states that the board should do one of two things: either fly the historically correct Confederate Stars and Bars or only American flags.