A Sick Child's Wish Comes True

4-year old Jaime Broussard was born with a disease so rare that doctors don't even know what it is. They told her parents at birth that she would never see, speak, move, or communicate in any way. But she did. Jaime's family calls her the "miracle baby" because she exceeded everyone's expectations.

Friday a big surprise was waiting for a special little girl when she got off the school bus. A brand new hot tub. It was a gift from the "Make-A-Wish Foundation."

Shellie Moses from "Make A Wish" says the non-profit organization makes dreams come true.

"We just grant wishes to children with life threatening illnesses and we do it to enrich their human experience with hope, strength, and joy. You can't get any better than that," Moses said.

Jaime's parents knew she would love a pool, but doctors told them that a hot tub would be more therapeutic.

Jaime's Dad Frank Broussard says, "It will help her out a lot. It will help out her legs, to loosen them up when it's warm. And it will help her move them, you know, get them stretched out for physical therapy."

Jaime's wish was made possible by Marquis Spas, Splashes Whirlpool and Bath, and Haynes Electric Company.

If you would like to help make dreams come true for terminally ill children, you can call the "Make A Wish Foundation" at 1-800-819-4072. Or click here to check out their web site.