Katrina Volunteer Invents Portable Showers For Disasters

By Toni Miles - bio | email

SAN LEON, TX (WLOX) - Mosquitos, muck and sludge are just some of the things hurricanes and other disasters leave behind. Thousands of homeowners and first responders in San Leon, Texas, are working in these conditions. Now, they can find relief at the end of the day, thanks to the mobile shower invention by Bill Taylor.

"The emergency mobile shower here was designed after Katrina because people in Pascagoula, during my mission trip work there, particularly Phillip Thomas, an EMT, a fellow over in Pascagoula, said there was a shortage of shower trucks and shower trailers," Taylor said.

It took a year and a half to complete the truck, and the Texas trip was its maiden voyage.

"I rolled into Texas the day after the storm, and we have been busy ever since, moving around to different areas where they really need us," Taylor said.

Taylor says at least a hundred people a day have been using the showers. It's geared toward first responders and disaster victims.

"I have been told, people who are almost in tears, people who are getting a shower, it was probably the most important thing that they've had besides getting food and water. People need to be clean, and I've had people come in here within ten days of not having a shower," Taylor said.

Taylor believes it's a worthwhile cause in disaster recovery.

"When they walk out the doors, particularly the disaster victims, the before and after, they walk in as you might suspect, much like a street urchin looking awful, and they come out with their hair clean, their body clean, and a great big smile on their face. It's very gratifying to see all that," Taylor said.

The truck has made stops in Orange and San Leon, Texas as well as other communities in Southwest Texas.