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Treatment Options for Sleep Disorders

Treatment Options for Sleep Disorders

Treatment options for Sleep Disorders vary depending upon your specific disorder, but may include:

  • Medications to assist you in staying awake, falling to sleep, or to treat underlying causes of your Sleep Disorder.
  • Changes in your Sleep Habits.
  • ENT Treatment for medication or surgical procedure to remove or reduce excess airway tissue.
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure "CPAP" or "BiPAP" to prevent airway closure during sleep.
  • Staff Physicians and Referrals are available to treat all types of sleep Disorders.

If you want to know more on a Sleep Disorder that is affecting you or someone you love, ask the expert Janice L. Miles. She has two offices and sleep labs. One is located at 3501 Main Street, Moss Point, MS 39563 228/474/6111 and the other at 2705 HWY 90, Ocean Springs, MS 39564 228/818/0661.

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