What is a Sleep Study?

What is a Sleep Study?

Information regarding your physical condition and sleep history are assessed prior to scheduling your diagnostic testing. Some problems may be resolved without further testing.

Other sleep disorders require a diagnostic sleep study to fully evaluate and provide the clinical information necessary to effectively treat your specific symptoms.

Our staff will schedule you to arrive at our Lab approximately 1 hour prior to your normal bedtime (whether day or night) and provide you with instructions regarding the "day of testing".

When you arrive at the Lab our Sleep Technician will explain each step of the procedure with you before starting the "hook up" process.

The "hook up" process is a painless procedure requiring the placement of electrodes around the eyes, on the chest, legs, head, chin, and behind the ears. These electrodes monitor your heart, brain, breathing, and muscle activity for assessment.

Your physical safety and quality clinical assessment are assured by continuous monitoring by our Sleep Technician, video/audio recordings and Lab security measures.

Our Registered Polysomnography Technologist and Sleep Specialists record your study for review.

Following assessment of your clinical findings you will be scheduled to return to our Lab to discuss your options for treatment.