Pass Christian Isles Resident Pushes Property Clean Up

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A resident of Pass Christian Isles urged Harrison County supervisors Monday to continue pushing for the clean-up of properties damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

That area sustained some of the most significant damage from the storm.

Residents are frustrated there's still so much hurricane damage and debris in their neighborhood more than three years later. Supervisors are frustrated by the sometimes dead-end process of trying to track down the property owners responsible for removing the mess.

Large portions of Pass Christian Isles look as though it's been just six months since the monster hurricane, not more than three years ago.

In the shadow of the new bay bridge, storm wrecked boats can be found on several streets.

"And it's not just me. There are other places along Sandy Hook, Ponce De Leon, in the Isles that desperately need this clean up," said Nonnie DeBardeleben.

She has long been active in the Pass Christian Isles neighborhood association and urged supervisors to do whatever possible to push the property clean-up issue.

"It's time. Local property owners, some people who want to rebuild, are not rebuilding because of the condition in Pass Christian Isles. They've delayed construction dates," she said.

"There's one place on Ponce De Leon that still has a bath tub and toilet sitting on its slab. There are columns and foundations and things still hanging in trees that Gustav couldn't even get rid of," said DeBardeleben.

One of the biggest challenges the county faces is locating the violators. Since the storm, many of these property owners have relocated and have been difficult to track down.

"We had, I believe, out of six people we asked for today, we were only able to contact three of them. So, we're still in pursuit of those other three who need to clean up their property," said District 5 supervisor Connie Rockco.