Harrison County Plans Boardwalk Extension

Harrison County wants to extend the beach front boardwalk.

The long range goal is to have a boardwalk or sidewalk along all 26 miles of sand beach.

Federal funding will pay the majority of the four million dollar project.

The boardwalk is a popular path for leisure activity and provides easy access to the beach. Harrison County now has the funding to extend the walkway. Much of the new boardwalk will be built to the west, in Long Beach and Pass Christian.

"We've got two point nine million dollars from the feds and the county is going to kick in another one million dollars. So, we're looking at about a four million dollar project to complete the next segment of the pathway project," explained Sand Beach Director, Bobby Weaver.

Sarah Cabaniss from neighboring Alabama is a frequent visitor to the Mississippi beach. She appreciates the boardwalk.

"Actually I kind of like it, 'cause down in Gulf Shores they have just a little bit and then they have like miles and miles of beach. So, I think it's actually a wonderful idea," she said.

Besides being popular with tourists, the boardwalk project also helps keep sand where it belongs.

"A welcomed erosion control method that probably wasn't planned on in the beginning stages when they put the boardwalk in," Weaver said.

The beach front boardwalk now ends just east of the Biloxi lighthouse at the I-110 loop. But that may change. Part of the long range plan calls for extending the boardwalk with an elevated pier that will circle around the I-110 loop, then link into the sidewalk in front of Beau Rivage.

Construction on the new sections of boardwalk should begin early next year.