Early Morning Drug Round Up Nets 15 Suspected Dealers

By Al Showers - bio | email

PICAYUNE, MS (WLOX) - Operation "Early Morning Wake-Up Call," sounded an alarm; an alarm none of the suspected drug dealers expected. Most were out of bed and into handcuffs before they could open their eyes.

Chief Jim Luke with the Picayune Police Department said, "We try to remove them from the suspects house as quickly as possible. Sometimes other individuals try to get involved as we make those arrest, and it's just safer to expedite that. I'm sorry that maybe they didn't get all of their cloths on, but I'm also sorry that they are selling drugs."

"Y'all need to come over here and stop these ones coming over here buying dope," a suspected drug dealer said.

The policeman responded, "If ya'll stop selling."

"I'm not selling; I've never sold dope in my entire life," the suspected drug dealer said adamantly.

Undercover officers gathered enough evidence to get arrest warrants on 30 people that were suspected street level dealers.

Holly Krantz, Chief Investigator Picayune Police Department said, "It ranged anywhere from marijuana, crack cocaine to methamphetamine and ecstasy."

Police say two of the suspected dealers are in hot water with the law for allegedly pushing prescription medication to school age children headed to and from Westside Elementary School.

"We made four successful undercover cases with these individuals. After that, we kind of put the heat to them til we could finish up our operation," Krantz said. "We didn't want them selling to any other children in the mean time, and in doing that, they kind of picked up over night and hit the road."

Chief Luke said, "When an individual sells drugs to our children, we take that very personal. Those who have not been apprehended yet and that are on the run, they can run, but they can't hide."

The Picayune Police Department has arrest warrants for 30 suspected drug dealers, and so far, they have picked up 15 of them.