Moss Point Police Search For Armed Robbery Suspect

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - "By the grace of God, I am just blessed to be alive."

Donald Millender is still shaken up after Tuesday's robbery. Millender says he still can't believe he and his family almost lost their lives over cash.

"Me and my cousin were just sitting in the yard chilling, and the boys drew down on us and told us to give up everything. I gave it up, I didn't try to resist because I was scared for my life," Millender said.

Millender says after the men grabbed the money they ran away. Within an hour, police say they caught Kedric Taylor and Ontario DeFlanders during a traffic stop. The two are charged with Armed Robbery, but police are still looking for another suspect, Dominique DeFlanders.

Since January, Moss Point Police say there have been nearly 30 armed robberies around town. To combat the problem, the department is increasing patrols.

"It is very important for the officers to be seen. Just as this incident here, it was done in broad daylight," Corporal Johnny Vaughn said.

"We want to deter crime in our city and we will not tolerate it," Moss Point Chief Sheila Smallman said.

The extra patrols sounds good to robbery victim Donald Millender.

"We need the Moss Point Police Department. Folks act like they don't need them, but we need them. They protect our community."

Although there are more officers on the streets of Moss Point, Chief Smallman still needs residents to look out for suspicious people.

"I am inviting them to get involved with community policing, so they can help us see the things we can't see. If we don't know about it or hear about it, we can't do anything about it."