Who Shot Angela Lizana?

By Elise Roberts - bio | email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Harrison County Sheriff's Deputies continue their search for the person they say killed a South Mississippi mother.

Early Saturday morning, someone shot and killed 43-year-old Angela Lizana. Friends of Lizana are still in shock over what happened.

"It hit me. It hit me hard," says Yvonne Ainsworth.

Ainsworth says she and Angie have been friends since high school, so it was difficult to hear that someone shot and killed her longtime friend.

Officers say early Saturday morning, someone came to Lizana's home on Moran Road. They shot Angie Lizana several times through a kitchen window. But it was a shot to the head that killed the South Mississippi mother.

"They're sick. Somebody is out there that is real sick," Ainsworth said.

Angie Lizana was blind. She also walked with the help of braces. And the only person that lived in this home with her, was her 19-year-old paraplegic daughter.

"They done something that they should be ashamed of doing," says Jaime Ainsworth, a friend of the Lizana's.

Jamie says she and her mother didn't mind coming over to help take care of Angie or her daughter.

Family members believe the shooter never went inside the home, and it appears as though nothing was taken except for the life of a woman loved by an entire community.

If you have any information about her death, you are asked to call the Harrison County Sheriff's Department at 228-896-1364.