Biloxi Mayor Wants to Enhance City Park

Visitors to Biloxi's Hiller Park could see some much needed improvements, if Mayor A.J. Holloway gets what he wants. Holloway has applied for $500,000 in tideland money to build a new boardwalk. The city would pitch in an additional $160,000.

The Tosh family says the park could use some sprucing up. Several times a month, they load up for a sail in the Back Bay but getting the "King Frog" into the water isn't always easy.

"It's usually pretty congested out here because you only have one launch and it's hard getting more than two boats in and out," said Perry Tosh. "If you had some piers and stuff to tie off to once we got launched, it would make it a whole lot better."

Mayor A.J. Holloway says what would make Hiller Park better is building a quarter to a half mile boardwalk.

"Hiller Park is a beautiful park, and I don't really think it gets the use that it deserves," said Holloway. "I thought if we could put a boardwalk all around the water's edge here with about four piers getting out about 35 feet that were covered, we could have some fishing and crabbing."

Fishing in Hiller Park sounds like a good idea to Mike Gilberto. He says it would make the place more user friendly. Just about every weekend, he and his buddy Marvin Thomas fish somewhere else then come to the park for a picnic.

Gilberto said "I think a lot more people would come here and there really isn't' a place to fish here and we really enjoy fishing."

Since most of the money for the project will come from tidelands the fate of Mayor Holloway's vision for Hiller Park is in the hands of the state legislature. The legislature should bring up the issue in the next session.