Pascagoula Shore A Mess After Ike

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Ike's two day attack on South Mississippi took its toll on Beach Boulevard in Pascagoula.

"Lot of sand, lots of debris, some places where the concrete got washed into it," said Moss Point Resident Charlie Bond. "It's pretty strong coming across there."

Debris, sand and waves trickling over the Pascagoula seawall forced Pascagoula Police to close the road.  Jackson County residents say Beach Boulevard doesn't close often.

"It's very seldom, just with catastrophic events and things, but normally this road is open," said Donnie Stevens, who drives the road regularly.

Catastrophic Ike may not have threatened lives in South Mississippi, but its damage to Beach Boulevard is a concern to Pascagoula Police.

"With the amount of debris, it's just not safe to travel that road right now, so we have got it closed," said Lieutenant Chuck Fowler.

Lieutenant Fowler says there is still enough salt water on the road to damage cars, and the debris could flatten tires. Sightseers agree that the Pascagoula shore carries hidden dangers.

"The street is still saturated with salt water, and salt water and metal," said resident Steve Trehern. "It's something that's gonna destroy your car eventually."

"There's no telling how many glass shards are there," said Bond. "Even people walking, with the sand covering it up, it could be dangerous."

Barriers block all entrances to the street, but motorists are ignoring them.

"We're trying to monitor that as much as possible, but also we're watching other areas of the city, so again we just ask folks to respect that," said Lieutenant Fowler.

Fowler said the road will reopen soon, but will probably remain closed throughout the weekend.

"We are gonna do everything we can to get the roadway cleared up as quickly as possible, and have it passable for our motorists here in town," Fowler said.

All other Pascagoula roads are open.