Hurricane Camille Victims Remembered

33 years ago, Hurricane Camille hit the Gulf Coast packing winds as high as 200 miles an hour. 131 people died in the storm, and 41 others were never found. Saturday, a special ceremony was held at the Hurricane Camille Memorial Wall in Biloxi. The name of each victim was called, and their life remembered.

"This was a chapter that wasn't completed. And I think it helped the closure of the family of those deceased, and also those people that worked so hard afterwards," says Julia Guice.

Reverend Paul Bradford vividly remembers Camille. He's grateful not to have any family members named on the memorial wall. But he says the devastation of the storm was so strong, that there could have been many more victims.

"Things were just flat, and what was not flat was crushed, twisted, warped. Pictures can't even really describe it," says Rev. Bradford.

Julia Guice placed a rose on each stone of the memorial. She and her late husband, Wade Guice, served as civil defense directors at the time of the storm, so this service holds a special place in her heart.

"There's a certain feeling of, 'If I could have done something else maybe there would be less victims,' and this is always gnawing at you," says Guice.

Organizers say they hope more people will visit the memorial and remember the spirits of those who lost their lives.