Massive Waves Surprise Pascagoula Residents

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - It's an unusual sight in Pascagoula.

"It just looks like the water is just everywhere and the beach is gone," said Pascagoula resident Reps Robertson.

He was amazed to see the waves crashing over the Pascagoula seawall.

"It's just something I've never seen before. I'm from West Virginia, and this is just a new thrill for me."

His new thrill brought countless others to watch the water fill Beach Boulevard, and other low-lying Pascagoula roads.

Day two of Ike's assault on South Mississippi was more intense than Thursday. The high wind surprised Demetrius McCall, who had been across the county to look at flooding.

"This storm isn't even coming here, and it's causing all this," McCall commented.

McCall was glad just to sit back and safely take in the power of mother nature.

"You get to see some of the awesome effects of one of God's creations, and without any of the devastation that goes along with it. It's a once in a lifetime chance," he said.

"You get few chances to ever see things like this," said Stephen Thomas. "It's not dangerous yet."

Thomas knows he is safe here, but he owns a home in Houston where Hurricane Ike is sure to cause much bigger problems than what he's seeing at Pascagoula's shoreline.

"I'm just concerned about all those folks over in Texas, that's what I have fears for," he said.  "And I'm praying that all those folks make out better than what we did during Katrina."

This time, Mississippians are thankful to simply watch from afar.

"I'm just blown away," McCall said.