Many Homes Still Boarded-Up In Case Ike Strikes

By Trang Pham-Bui - bio | email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Maggie the dog is Caroline Glazier's protector, whenever her military husband has to serve away from home. Glazier also feels a lot safer, knowing that her house is protected during an active hurricane season.

"My husband says I'm too cautious sometimes. But I'd rather be too cautious. I've been bit by the Katrina bug," said Caroline Glazier.

The Glaziers boarded-up their house in D'Iberville, before Hurricane Gustav made landfall on Labor Day. Now, they're waiting to see where Hurricane Ike will strike.

"You just don't take it for granted anymore that it's not going to hit you, because look what happened with Katrina," said Glazier. "That gets me really upset thinking about that."

The Glaziers aren't alone. More than a dozen of their neighbors' homes in the Forest Cove subdivision are still covered with plywood. Many are plain. Others are painted with numbers or even whimsical characters.

"I think everyone on the coast that boarded-up and prepared are still concerned about hurricanes and worried about damage to their homes," said D'Iberville City Manager Richard Rose.

D'Iberville City Hall, the library, and Code Enforcement Office remain fortified with wooden boards. They're not coming down, at least not this week.

"With hurricanes, we don't trust them until they make landfall," said Rose. "Once that happens, come next Monday, we'll be unboarding city hall, unless, of course, another storm develops."

Caroline Glazier's husband plans to remove their boards this weekend. Glazier is already feeling a touch of hurricane fatigue, and is not ready to remove the window coverings.

"I'm still scared," said Glazier. "If it was up to me, I'd wait until November. Is it November first, the end of the season?" she asked with a nervous laugh.