Moss Point Group Working To Rebuild Wrecked Rec. Center

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Donna Joseph, Director of Moss Point Parks and Recreation, says it saddens her every time she looks at Sue Ellen Gym. Rebuilding the dilapidated gym carries a $3 million price tag, so Joseph knows donations and community help are a must.

"We need the organizations, we need the churches rallying behind us in a positive way, that say, 'Yes, it's been damaged. Yes, it's been closed. But, yes, we can make a difference,'" Joseph said.

City leaders have teamed up with the Moss Point Visionary Community group to turn the eyesore into an everyday hangout spot for kids and adults.

"They can be inside playing basketball and doing a number of things," group member Charlotte Brown said.

Brown says the kick off fundraiser is a walk-a-thon that will hopefully bring more attention to the project's financial need.

"It is something pretty inexpensive that everyone can participate."

The group is also raising money by selling bricks, which will be used to rebuild the Sue Ellen Center. Organizers say it's an investment in revitalizing the community.

"You can get it in memory of someone, or honor of someone, or just yourself," Brown said.

"This is going to be something like never before," Joseph said.

To find out more information about Sue Ellen Campaign or Saturday's walk-a-thon, call Donna Joseph at (228) 475-7887.