Coast Catholics Observe Day Of Prayer

Bishop Thomas Rodi opens mass at Nativity B-V-M Cathedral in Biloxi with an appeal to parishioners. Bishop Thomas Rodi says "I ask you to pray for me as your bishop, that I will be more and more open to the strength and guidance and compassion and wisdom of God".

Bishop Rodi says leaders of the Catholic church have lost a lot of credibility since the sex abuse scandals erupted. Many bishops continue to face criticism for failing to protect children. That's why the church needs to come together and pray for those who have suffered.

Bishop Rodi says "A day of prayer reminds us of our need for God. It also reminds us that God is faithful, and that God is with us despite our unfaithfulness, our failings, our faults, our sinfulness".

Catholics believe God will listen, and help the victims and their families heal. Virginia Viator of Biloxi says "With the controversy about the priests, I think we all should pray for them and for the people, so it will straighten itself out".

Many people also hope their prayers will bring peace to the Church and restore faith in its leaders. Greg Cook of Ocean Springs says "I'm praying that a resolution could be made and the priests who aren't really doing anything could be trusted more".

Kathy Coskey of Biloxi says "Prayer always helps. I believe that sincerely. You can't go wrong with prayer".

Bishop Rodi also celebrated mass at Nativity Thursday, because it was the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, which is a holy day in the Catholic church.

By: Trang Pham-Bui