Guests Tour Biloxi's New High School

It's being called the high school of the future - a building that will used as a model for other schools to follow. Wednesday, the Biloxi school district invited some 500-guests to tour the new state-of-the art High School for the very first time.

The 32-million dollar school has all the modern conveniences for students and teachers. Plus, it's equipped for the technology of tomorrow. Those who walked through the building just couldn't believe their eyes.

Biloxi Superintendent Dr. Larry Drawdy beamed with pride as he walked his guests through the huge courtyard of the new Biloxi High School.

"The courtyard was magnificent, from the big, sweeping open veranda effect, lots of room to move around, a clock on the tower so nobody has an excuse for being late," Biloxi resident Kande DeGrasse-Steele said.

The courtyard, like the rest of the school building, is also wired for the future. Here, students can plug in their laptops and do their class work.

"I know there's over 50 miles of cables run on this campus for computers. It's so much faster. Where we have one computer center, now we have five communication centers," Principal Cecil Powell said.

"It's magnificent. It's beyond comprehension really. This facility is probably state of the art for the state of Mississippi," Mayor A-J Holloway said.

Another priority that went into the design of this building was safety.

"Every classroom, hallways, everything is under camera 7-24, so it's constant supervision that we're looking at here," Biloxi Superintendent Dr. Larry Drawdy said.

"The vision that went into the planning and the preparation for the students, the space, and the technology," retired teacher Zan Skelton said.

"I know if they're excited as I am, the kids are going to come to school smiling." teacher Greg Radich.

"They see it from the outside, until you come inside, you really don't have an idea of what it is, it's awesome," Cecil Powell said.

Students and their parents will get a chance to see the school for themselves. The school district is planning another tour just for them on August 29th. About 11,000 students are expected to attend this new school beginning September 3rd.