Shaggy's Reopens, Pass Christian Harbor Will Soon Reopen For Boats

By Toni Miles - bio | email

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - As Long Beach Pee Wee League Football Coach Joseph Rogers went over the playbook, Mayor Chipper McDermott stopped by the table to say, "Hello." The beach side bar and restaurant has become a favorite for locals and a frequent stop for those just passing through.

"I'm excited about it," Rogers said. "I try to support Pass Christian because they were devastated during Katrina. They were creeping back slowly, then this setback, minor setback. So any chance I get, I try to come down here and give my support to this town I care so much about."

Pass Christian Harbor Master Willie Davis helped clear the way for the restaurant to reopen to eager patrons.

"They're still pouring in. They love it. We had to get the boats out of the middle of the street that were blocking the roads. As soon as we got the boats in the water and moved the crane, people started pouring in," Davis said.

Davis said it won't be long before boats can once again dock around the restaurant. He expects the harbor to reopen by Monday at noon.

"Fairly all the electrical in the piers went underwater. We are going to replace the boxes on the piers. I think we fared out pretty well as far as damage on the piers, a little planking on the piers, but that's stuff that can be replaced and fixed," Davis said.

As those repairs are made, there's a good chance workers will hear tunes played by Richard Geddes' band.

"I've been playing music here ever since they opened. I'm looking forward to playing tomorrow, Sunday, with my little Jimmy Buffet-Key West style group," he said.

"I am so excited that it's been opened so soon. We were thinking it was going to be a couple of weeks, and it's been only a week," said Rhonda Geddes.

Restaurant leaders credit quick action by Congressman Gene Taylor, the DMR and Pass Christian Mayor Chipper McDermott for the bar and grill's speedy recovery.