Victim's Family Says Alleged Killer Should Die

Inside the courtroom, police technician Bob Burriss showed pictures of a bloody hotel lobby where Heather Hampton was stabbed over and over during a robbery. Outside the courtroom, Heather's family explained how hard the years have been since her death and how they still feel her loss.

Her father-in-law, Lamar Hampton, says, "She was my little Barbie doll. She was a wonderful person, she really was. She was as good inside as she was pretty outside and it really tore us up."

Heather came from a large, close knit family who loved her dearly.

"Always had a smile and was always open to spread her warmth with all of us. She really warmed our family and she's been sorely missed. We've lost our grandmother since then and we've all taken it very very hard," says her cousin, Jimmie Cotton.

Police testified despite 13 stab wounds, Heather was still alive when they got to the hotel. They tried desperately to save her, but she later died at the hospital. Heather's family says the man on trial for killing her, Michael Manix, deserves to get the death penalty.

"I think if there ever was a person who deserved to die he is that person. Believe me. It was a very brutal unnecessary killing. He already had the money, he didn't have to kill her. All he had to do was leave," says Hampton.

Heather's family will never understand why Manix didn't leave, and why they're left to mourn her death and wait to see justice for her.

Manix's trial is expected to last through Friday. His attorney doesn't know if he'll put Manix on the stand in his own defense.  Two other people charged with Heather's murder are awaiting trial.