New Plan Aimed At Cleaning Out Moss Point Ditches

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Linda Rammey and her family say they're tired of the eyesores across the street from their home, ditches filled with trash and debris.  This is second time WLOX has stopped by 4606 Church Street in the last couple of weeks, and not much has changed.

"Nobody comes out here and cleans the ditches. When it rains, in our yard, the water stands. We don't have any type of drainage, because the ditches don't get cleaned up. Water just stands up for days," Linda Rammey said.

Cephus Finklei is project manager for Utility Partners, the company the city contracted for public works projects. He says sometimes work doesn't get done because residents don't know to request work orders.

"I put one in about three weeks ago, I put one in last Tuesday and no one's been out here yet," Rammey's nephew, Victor Jones said.

Finklei says that could be because his group is behind on ditch clean-ups.

"Right now, we're backlogged anywhere from two to three weeks," Finklei said.

Utility Partners is trying to put together a new program to get the ditches cleaned up more quickly. It would include a crew whose sole responsibility would be cleaning out ditches throughout the city.

"I think that would help, that's all we ask for," Rammey said.

Jones said he'll wait until the program gets in place before he gets his hopes up.

"I'll believe it when I see it," Jones said.

Despite the backlogs, residents are encouraged to call in work orders to get their ditches cleaned out. That number is (228) 475-1151.