City Of Bay St. Louis Offering Free Home Inspections For Flood Victims

BAY ST. LOUIS (WLOX)--Residents in this newly annexed area of Bay St. Louis did the right thing and got out of their low lying and water front homes prior to Gustav storm surge. That was a smart decision.

"They took in about 10 feet of water from the surge itself," says Bay St. Louis Director of Administration Buzz Olsen. "So the whole area was under water."

Now they're returning home unsure what damage the water may have done. And Bay St. Louis Director of Administration Buzz Olsen says help is on the way.

"We feel this is part of what we need to do for our citizens. The mayor said get out there as quickly as possible because these people are coming back and their coming back an having to clean up."

City Building department inspectors are going door to door offering free inspections to anyone wanting to know if their homes are ready to receive them.

"What we want to basically tell the people out there is that we're here for you," says Olsen. "We're going out handing out flyers. If people are concerned about any kind of electrical problems that they might have, structural damage they may have. A lot of it is new construction so a lot of these things people may not see. If they have anything they are concerned about we'll go in there, look over the house, check their electrical outlets, check the meters, anything that will help them get in their house safely."

And Olsen says they'll offer this service to all other flooded out residents who may be wondering if their homes are safe and sound to live in.

"It's the life safety issues that we're concerned about. We had no fatalities in this storm. We don't want anything to happen now while people are trying to get back into their house."

by Don Culpepper