Jackson County Officials Stress Roadway Caution, Curfew Remains

JACKSON COUNTY, MS - Jackson County's officials are stressing roadway caution for all drivers. The Road Department reports streets throughout the County are covered with a mixture of standing water, slick conditions, and storm debris. Motorist who come across flooded streets are urged to find another route or use caution when crossing. Storm debris on roadways also posses a danger.

Drivers need to watch out for downed road signs and vegetation. Trees limbs of all sizes can cause damage to your car or easily can become projectiles when hit at high speeds.

A curfew remains in effect Monday night for the county's unincorporated area until dawn Tuesday morning. Essential personnel in health/medical care, major industries, news media or emergency responders can still travel throughout the County for work purposes but should carry proper identification.

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors will close all County offices on Tuesday, Sept. 2 as a safety precaution for Hurricane Gustav. This closure also includes the entire court system. County employees should check in with department heads and managers after the severe weather has passed by phone or texting. The County will return to normal operating hours on Wednesday, Sept. 3.

Emergency Operations Director Butch Loper is also stressing safety at home and work as citizens start the clean up process this week, especially when operating generators and chain saws.

Generator Safety:

  • Only connect the generator to appliances.
  • Never plug a generator into any power outlet in your home.
  • Connecting a portable electric generator directly to your household wiring can be deadly to you and to others.
  • Use properly sized polarized extension cords; overloading a cord may cause a fire.
  • Never use a generator inside.
  • Only use generators outside in well-ventilated areas.
  • Keep generators away from doors, windows, vents, or air conditioning equipment that could allow exhaust fumes to come indoors.
  • Always locate your generator outside on a dry surface.
  • Before refueling, let the engine cool for at least two minutes to prevent fires.
  • Turn off all appliances connected to the generator before refueling.
  • Always follow the instructors that come with your generator.

Chain Saw Safety:

  • Operate, adjust, and maintain the saw according to manufacturer's instructions.
  • Choose the proper size of chain saw to match the job.
  • Wear the appropriate protective equipment- safety glasses, hearing protection, heavy work gloves, cut-resistant leg-wear.
  • Avoid contact with power lines.
  • Always cut at waist level or below to ensure that you maintain secure control over the chain saw.
  • Bystanders or coworkers should remain at least 2 tree lengths away.
  • If injury occurs, apply direct pressure over site(s) of heavy bleeding ; this act may save a life .