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Some Residents Ignore Warnings To Stay Inside

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - As Hurricane Gustav's feeder bands moved across South Mississippi Monday, our WLOX News crews were out in the rain and wind giving what, we admit, is an ironic warning for our viewers to stay inside.

Reporter Jeff Shepard and photographer Travis Alford were in Biloxi when they encountered a woman trying to walk down the street in waist deep water. The following is Shep's account of what they saw:

While covering Hurricane Gustav's landfall in Biloxi this morning, I was with photographer Travis Alford when we happened on a disturbing sight. We were trying to get to Biloxi Point, and stopped on Division St. near Stajni Ave. After we finished shooting some video of the heavily flooded neighborhood, we noticed a woman wading through nearly chest high water.

I passed the microphone to Travis, and waded out in the water to help her. I got out to her with the water nearly up to my thighs. She was barefoot and understandably scared.

She was a Vietnamese woman, and unfortunately she didn't speak much English. We got her into our news car, and planned on dropping her off at a relative's house. A few blocks away on Division Street, we flagged down a Biloxi Police Officer who said he was going to take her to a shelter.

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