Dixie Youth World Series Giving Economy a Big Boost

Twenty-four teams from eleven states are in Jackson County this week for the Dixie Youth World Series. Along with the players and coaches, thousands of parents, grandparents and friends are here to cheer their team on. With so many people in the area, business is booming at local restaurants, gas stations, and hotels.

Arkansas residents Aretha & Stephen Burris figure they'll spend between eleven and twelve hundred dollars during this week. They're here for the memories, and they're not going to spare any expense.

"This is a once and a lifetime experience," Stephen Burris said.

"He didn't get to go himself, so he's excited for his twelve year old to go," Aretha Burris said.

For the players and coaches, they're lucky; the team pays for most of their needs. It's the parents, like the Burris's that will have to dig in their own pockets. But regardless of who's paying, all the money is going right into Jackson County's economy.

"We gathered about nine thousand dollars to get here, and we're probably going to have to dip into our own wallets as parents as coaches to supplement that. I would say it's a pretty big economic impact for the city," Louisiana resident John Creech said.

Economically, all kinds of business are seeing the effects of the world series this trip isn't all about baseball.

"As far as we know one team from Arkansas that has taken in some fishing, we got some Mobile Bay Bears tickets, hopefully they can go over there and see that, and do some bowling, that type of stuff, and just take in some of the scenery around the gulf coast," world series committee member, Scott Tipton said.

"I'm sure they will probably get out and go to some movies, and you know if there is any type of arcade, they'll get them out and do a little bit, just something to get them out so they don't sit around room and be lazy all day long," Georgia resident Tim Carter said.

Ruby Tuesday in Moss Point certainly saw the effects. They're fully staffed and ready to host our out of town guests.

"As you can see it's already started off to a great week, and we're just looking forward to taking care of the guests, getting them full so they can get out there and have some great games. Some great games you might want to go check out," Ruby Tuesday manager Tracy Cochran said.

The Dixie Youth World Series open games begin Monday.