Flag Protester Vows to Stay at Beach

School registration begins Monday for students at Alcorn State University, and Jason Whitfield says he will not be there. Whitfield would be a senior at Alcorn this year, but instead of hitting the books this fall, he says he will continue his silent protest at the eight flags display. He began his protest 33 days ago, and vowed not to leave the beach until the confederate battle flag is

"If I went back to school right now, I would be going against God because this is what I'm suppose to be doing. I'll make it back to Alcorn eventually," said Whitfield.

Whitfield's mother, Judy says she's proud and amazed of her son, and she stands by his decision not to go back to school. She says he's learning more from this experience than he could ever learn in any classroom.

"The Lord is sending people that are teaching him valuable, valuable lessons for life. And I couldn't pay for this. What university do you go to to get this kind of experience? " asked Whitfield's mother.

Since Whitfield began his protest, he has not wavered on his position to remove the confederate battle flag from the eight flags display. Whitfield says he's confident his time on the beach is making a difference.

"You can't beat good. You can't beat right. You can't beat justice. You can only hold on to something that is incorrect for a certain amount of time, and it breaks and fall away because it's not right and it's not just," said Whitfield.

Whether a change is made at the eight flags display remains to be seen, but Jason says as long as the Confederate battle flag flies, he'll be on the beach, instead of in the classroom.

by Myya Durden-Robinson