Salvation Army Needs Your Help To Feed The Hungry

The food shelves and cupboards at the Salvation Army in Gulfport are nearly bare.

Workers there say they're trying to get the word out, by holding food drives and asking for donations.

Stocker Randall Stratz, places some canned fruit on the shelves in the food room. His job is slow these days. Fewer donations coming in, mean fewer donations going out.

"When we don't have enough to hand, it sorta hurts me, because sometimes we do have to say 'this is just all we have'," Stratz said.

"Summer's always our slow time, and thats what has really hurt us.  Donations are always down in the summer, and with the increased need it's really hurt us," caseworker, Heather Fobar said.

What you see in their food room is what they have. It doesn't look like much because it isn't.

"We like to supply a family with a two day supply of food, and since we've been short, umm we've not been able to put enough food in thing in there to make a complete meal out of," Fobar said.

The shelves are usually bare by the heart of the summer season because of the expense of living in the summer, such as your high gasoline, or airconditioning bill, or even your extremely high water and sewer bill. The Salvation Army says it usually picks up by the holiday season, but they can't wait that long.

"I think a combination between, back to school and summer, electric bills being high and everything, I think there's been just a really great need. We've just been undated with people having need and we have just been really low," Fobar said.

The workers say without donations, they can't help people in need.

"If people open up there hearts, and look at whats going on in the outside, come on down with your food. We need it, they need it," Strantz said.

If you would like to help the Salvation Army, they're asking for any nonperishable food item. Such as, canned meats, peanut butter, rice, beans, baby food, or soups.

The Salvation army in Gulfport is located on 22nd street, four blocks east of Highway 49. Their business hours are eight to four thirty.