7 Shot, 2 Arrested In Bay St. Louis

An argument ended in gunfire early Thursday morning in Bay St. Louis, leaving seven people with bullet wounds and two others under arrest. Police say those hit with bullets or bullet fragments do not have life threatening injuries.

The shooting happened around 12:40am on Shieldsboro Drive in the Bay Pines Housing complex. Police say 25 year old Durso Singleton of Waveland opened fire into a crowd after arguing over a woman. 24 year old Lonnie Bradley of Bay St. Louis was also arrested.

Bay St. Louis Police Chief Frank McNeil says a crowd of people had gathered while Singleton and another man fought. He says Lonnie Bradley left, then returned with a gun, which he gave to Singleton.

"Although the person he had the altercation with prior was the target, I think he just randomly fired into the crowd," McNeil says.

Bullets were sent flying more than 60 feet away from the scene, shattering the windows in an SUV. Chief McNeil says what really concerns him is the type of weapon the shooter used.

"A semi automatic assault pistol, a 9 millimeter, and possibly 10 plus rounds were fired, McNeil says. "Why is a weapon like that in the hands of these particular people?"

Janelle Ladner lives just across the street from where the shooting happened. She says she was cleaning her house when she heard gun shots.

"I've got 3 young kids. So it's kind of scary, in a way, because you know when people just spray a gun they don't realize if it does hit you, it can kill you," Ladner says.

Bullets or bullet fragments hit seven people. All but one was treated and released from Hancock Medical Center. Officials say one man, 19 year old Jason Vincent, was shot in leg and needed surgery

"Thank goodness none of the gun shot wounds were fatal." McNeil said.

The two men arrested in this case are being held in the Hancock County Jail. Durso Singleton is charged with seven counts of aggravated assault. He could face more charges because incident took place on a federally subsidized housing property.

Lonnie Bradley is also charged with seven counts of aggravated assault. He's a convicted felon who was waiting to report to federal prison to serve time on drug charges, so he's also charged with felony possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.