It's Back To School For Many South Mississippi Students

Third grade teacher Julie Sellier spent Thursday, laying down the rules of her classroom. This is Sellier's first year of teaching.

Julie Sellier says "I was very, very nervous this morning. I really was unsure of what to expect. I didn't know how my class would act. I didn't know if they would feel comfortable with me as well as me feel comfortable with them".

The nerves soon disappeared, after first-time teacher and her new students got to know each other. Sellier says "Every child this morning came in and said 'hey, Mrs. Sellier, how are you?' They all greeted me and it just made me feel real special to know that I was the one they were going to be looking up to this year".

Veteran teacher Jane Blanton had to trouble putting her Kindergartners at ease the moment they walked in the door.

Arreyah Whitlock says "I was happy, because I wanted to go to a big school, and I don't want to be with babies". Lauren Avery says "I didn't cry. I was a good girl".

Teacher Jane Blanton says "I had a few tears from parents, but I didn't have any children here that cried. They were very excited".

Now that they've made it through their first day of school, both teachers and students hope that excitement continues the rest of the year. Julie Sellier told her students "We're going to learn together this year, and we hope we have a great year. We'll do a lot of fun things".

By: Trang Pham-Bui