Moss Point Neighborhood Wants Clean-Up

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Ruth Black and her family say some unwelcomed neighbors have moved in their neighborhood on Church Street.

"It's rats, roaches and mice," says Ruth Black, Moss Point resident.

"I killed two snakes last week and a snake about two weeks ago in this yard," says Victor Jones, Moss Point resident.

They say its the trashy ditches, debris and unkempt properties on Church Street bringing them in.

"We don't want our neighborhood to look like this...when you know growing up here how nice everybody kept their property," says Black.

The people who lived beside and behind her have died.  She says little to nothing has been done to clean up the overgrown properties, especially, what she calls, the forest springing up across the street.

"With people that's older living here, they can try to break through houses and stuff and run through there and get away with it," says Black.

But, her concern also lies with another vulnerable group in the neighborhood.

"With as many young children that walk up and down this street coming from school and just living in this neighborhood, they can get bit by a snake anytime," says Black.

Since the hurricane, Black says crews have come through from time to time to clean but not consistently.  She says they've contacted city officials in the past but say, most of the time, they haven't had much luck.

"People have called and talked to them.  They'll get somebody out here and maybe they'll come out and do a little bit but other than that nothing's done.

But, they say they will continue to press leaders in asking for one simple them get their neighborhood back to what it once was.

A city official contacted one of the residents with information that a work order has been submitted to begin clean-up on Church Street and Dubose Avenue.

But, neighbors remain skeptical as little has been done in the past.