Emergency Management: "Remain Vigilant"

Harrison County Emergency Management Agency urges all residents still living in FEMA trailers or Mississippi Cottages to remain vigilant

At this time there have been no orders or recommendations for evacuations.

Harrison County has been placed under a Flash Flood Watch as well as a Tropical Storm Warning.

All county residents are urged to complete necessary steps to protect property as soon as possible while the weather is calm.

Flash flooding is a possibility. Residents still living in FEMA trailers, Mississippi Cottages, or mobile homes are urged to remain vigilant to rising waters. In torrential rains, flooding can occur in areas that normally would not flood. Occupants of less than stable homes should make plans to stay with a loved one or family friend who lives in more sturdy housing.

Residents should be mindful of rising water from torrential rains. They are advised to clean any rain gutters and drainage areas on their property. The coastal counties can expect torrential rains beginning mid day Sunday and lasting through Monday.

Property owners should remove and secure any loose items such as garbage cans, lawn furniture, plants, and yard signs. Flying debris can cause significant property damage as well as personal injury.

Family disaster kits should be checked and stocked as needed.

Harrison County has ordered no evacuations at this time but residents should make certain that their family has an evacuation plan and they understand that in the event an evacuation is ordered, they will remain safe.