Moss Point Citizens Group Pushes To Revitalize Business District.

MOSS POINT (WLOX)--It's been almost a year since Shelley Robertson opened Oh Baby Children's shop in downtown Moss Point. Robertson says it's a business decision she doesn't regret.

"I felt that the area needed something, we were lacking in retail as well as industry," Moss Point Business Owner Shelley Robertson said.

A few blocks away at Trend Setters Barber shop, Owner Eric Barns shares the same passion for Moss Point.  Barns says the city has so much hidden potential.

"Tax dollars, tourists, we need more people here because we have a great city," Moss Point Business Owner Eric Barns said.

A group of concerned citizens is working to push Moss Point to the next level in the business world by joining the Main Street Association. Committee member Monica Battle says the program will restructure the downtown area and turn it into a more popular retail hub.

"The Main Street program is another tool to give us finances, and the support, and professional expertise," Main Street Committee Member Monica Battle said.

Battle believes business owners will also receive educational and economic benefits from the program.

"Training, workshops, things of that nature to ensure that your businesses are sustainable and thriving."

More than 50 Main Street Associations are established throughout Mississippi. Battle says it will cost about 94 thousand dollars to fund the program's first year.

"We asked the Mayor and Board of Alderman to support  Main Street in Moss Point and they resoundingly agreed. The money that will take for the program will help run the program itself, and employ one full time manager."

The Main Street Committee is also calling on community members to give their financial support

"If our downtown thrives, it will bring new businesses, that means  more tax dollars in our community and it means new services for everyone city-wide, so it's a win-win situation."

The Moss Point committee says the Main Street Association Application is due in Jackson, by September 4th.  If you would like donate to the Moss Point Main Street Campaign please call Monica Battle at 228-324-3577.