Chevron Announces Another Expansion Of Their Pascagoula Refinery

By Don Culpepper - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - It's called premium base oil and Chevron hopes to produce 25 thousand barrels a day of it, at their Pascagoula Refinery.

"These are premium oils that actually increase gasoline mileage and increase the length of time that you can go between oil changes," says Communications Director Steve Renfro.

Chevron was the first company to produce and market premium base oils, but they say recent rising fuel prices and growing concern over pollution have created a growing demand for more fuel efficient cars and the motor oils they run on.

"This is exactly the type of lubricant that the folks that manufacture those vehicles, that use those vehicles will be seeking after," says Assistant Refinery Manager Kory Judd. "They're going to want these lubricants because they've got the added benefits that we just spoke of and I think that demand will increase as people see the need for that."

And it's not just good news for drivers. As Chevron's 4th announced new recent expansion of their Pascagoula based facility, it's also more good news for the Jackson County job market.

"The new project that we're talking about today (Thursday) will peak out at about a thousand construction jobs in the facility," says General Manager of Major Capital Projects Keith Coleman. "And if you look at all 4 of the projects that we've talked about it will peek out at about 2500 construction workers."

Those projects will also create around 200 permanent jobs and total more than a billion dollars in new investments. Investments officials say will keep the wheels of progress well oiled and rolling froward in Jackson County.

"All this great news for South Mississippi and a very significant investment for Chevron," says Renfro.

The Base Oil Facility will require approval from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. They will hold public hearings at a later date. If approved, construction should begin next year, and the plant should come on line by 2011.