Four Teens Killed In Highway 57 Accident

Students in Greene and George Counties will begin the new school year tomorrow with heavy hearts, as they mourn the loss of their friends. A single car accident late Tuesday night killed the 18 year old driver and three 17 year old passengers.

It happened on Highway 57 in George County, about eight miles north of the Benndale community. The car ran off the road and crashed into a group of pine trees.

Friends of the victims gathered at the crash site along Highway 57 Wednesday comforting one another, and trying to make some sense of this tragedy. Scattered car parts and scraped up pine trees gave some hint about this awful accident.

The car itself offers far more dramatic evidence. A wrecker driver says the impact of the accident left the engine and front end in the road, with the car itself in the ditch.

The driver was 18 year old Sarah Gibson of George County. The young lady with the pretty smile was working on her GED at the George County Educational Center.

Her three passengers included three 17 year olds from Greene County. Cody Eubanks, who friends say was always trying to make them laugh. Jeremy Dixon, a right fielder on the baseball team who also loved four wheeling with his friends. And Craig Pierce, who was a avid hunter.

The accident scene became a spot of mourning with friends trying to cope.

"This ain't real. I want to go to sleep and wake up and have none of this happen. I don't want it to be true. This is not real," Greene County Student Tony Byrd said.

The crash site said otherwise. Teenage friends surveyed the scene and quietly realized it could have been any one of them.

"You always look for it to happen sometime when you're in high school. But you just never think it's going to happen to your friends or you or anybody. It's something you never expect to happen," Greene County Student David Breland said.

The Highway Patrol is trying to determine exactly what caused the accident. All four teens were pronounced dead at the scene. Two of the victims were thrown from the vehicle.

Greene County High Principal David Dearman told WLOX News that grief counselors will be available as students start the school year.