Coast Grandmother Trains To Climb Mountains For Charity

By Danielle Thomas - bio | email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - A Moss Point grandmother says she is hoping to inspire others to get in shape by taking her own workout to new heights. Next month Brenda Kay Ramm will travel to Washington State to climb two mountains. Right now, she's busy training at a D'Iberville gym.

Call it the mountain top workout. A six day a week grueling exercise routine for 51-year-old Brenda Kay Ramm.

"I think it's been more challenging than I thought," said Ramm. "Once I realized I needed to get serious and do it. Sometimes I think why am I doing this."

"But I've always been one of those when I put my hand to the plow, I don't look back. So I'm going to do it. "

Trainer Cathy Baity wants to make sure Ramm has the strength and endurance to make the 14,000 foot climb up Mount Rainier and the 10,000 foot hike up Mount Adams. So Baity is having the grandmother carry a backpack loaded with 38 pounds while walking on the treadmill at an incline.

Cathy Baity of Start 2 Finish Women's Fitness said, "That increases her endurance and her breathing which kind of simulates what it's going to be like on the mountain with the lighter air."

Ramm says in her early adult life she weighed 210 pounds. After starting walking regularly a decade ago, she says health problems that had plagued her for years disappeared. So now, she's taking on a bigger challenge, and she hopes others will, too.

"Not everybody can climb a mountain and certainly not everybody wants to climb a mountain, I realize that" said Ramm. "But everybody can do a little more than they're doing if they're not doing anything at all towards physical fitness."

Ramm and Baity say the biggest step is to go ahead and start.

"They believe that there's no hope for them," said Baitey. "They weigh this much or their life style is so bad. All they've got to do is make small changes. And as soon as they start changing it they feel better about themselves. Their confidence goes up and they continue to improve."

The climb is part of a fundraiser Coldwell Banker Commercial is doing for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Ramm, who is a realtor, says she will be the only woman among the climbers.

To donate you can call 228-327-1669 or