Hundreds Mourn Fallen Gulfport Officer

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX)-Hundreds of his fellow police officers celebrated and honored the life of Rob Curry Monday morning.

The Gulfport motorcycle officer was killed in a traffic accident last week.

The 39 year old was remembered for his dedication to duty and his devotion to family.

For many of those in uniform, it was the second police funeral in just over a week. Officer Fred Gaston was buried just days ago.

Monday, Gulfport's police chief reminded the crowd Rob Curry would want them to carry on with work and with life.

"Now Father God, we ask you to look on the chief and this department right now Lord. Father God, they're standing in the need of a blessing right now Lord," said the preacher, as men and women in uniform filled the church sanctuary.

The extended family of law enforcement recognized Rob Curry was a blessing on their lives.

"He was a natural leader. He never hesitated to take charge of a situation by leading from the front," said Chief Alan Weatherford.

With a heavy heart, Gulfport's police chief lauded his good friend and officer in charge of the traffic division.

"His love for the motorcycle quickly became obvious and was fulfilling for him. He loved those motor wings and he proudly displayed them," said the chief.

The number 20 in flowers reminded friends of Rob Curry's love for NASCAR and devotion to driver Tony Stewart. Rob Curry loved life, was dedicated to law enforcement and leaves a lasting legacy.

"Leslee, Rob's badge 107 will be retired today. Because nobody can walk in the boots of badge number 107," Chief Weatherford said.

Rob Curry's pastor admitted he can't answer the question "why". He encouraged those in mourning to seek solace from above.

"The one thing I do know is that eternity has started for Rob. And his life is truly beginning," said Rev. Joe Reynolds from Coalville United Methodist Church.

Brothers and sister in blue escorted their friend from St. James Church to Coalville Cemetery in Woolmarket.

The graveside service concluded with a heart breaking final call over the police radio.

"Gulfport 107," said the dispatcher's voice.

Hearing no answer, the dispatch voice concluded: "Gulfport all units. 107 is now 10-7."

Rob Curry is survived by his wife Leslee and two children.  A memorial fund for the family has been opened at Hancock Bank.