Red Cross Needs Volunteers To Help Disaster Victims.

PASCAGOULA (WLOX)--If you don't help someone, then what makes you think someone will help you.

Jacqueline Johnson is Red Cross' newest volunteer. The Pascagoula woman recently joined the team to help aid disaster victims; a choice she believes will be rewarding.

After Katrina hit the coast, Southeast Mississippi Chapter Director Paige Roberts says her volunteer numbers shot up. Three years after the storm that's not the case.

"On paper I have 140 disaster volunteers. Who is actually available when the rubber meets the road, we gage at about half," Director Paige Roberts said.

Roberts points out that the Red Cross is 95 percent volunteer driven, and she says it's crucial the organization recruit new people often.

"We are always trying to get the word out wherever we go, wether it is in health and safety, blood drives, or disaster work. In our last fiscal year, we sent people to 19 disaster deployments across the country,  and that's a lot," Roberts said.

Jerry White has worked with the Red Cross since 2004, he believes many people probably don't volunteer because they are unsure if they will be an asset during catastrophes.

"Most people I send out for the first time on a disaster are very sensitive to where I am going or what am I going to do, what am I going to face.  We take care every need they might have,"Volunteer Jerry White said.

When brave people like Jacqueline Johnson say yes to volunteering, the Red Cross believes they are saying yes to making their community a safer and better place to live.

Anyone interested in joining the Southeast Mississippi Chapter of the American Red Cross please call 762-2455.