Medical Malpractice Awards On Bush's Agenda

A senior White House official says President Bush will talk to a Mississippi audience Wednesday about limiting medical malpractice lawsuit awards. The president's message is expected to be similar to one he delivered July 25th in North Carolina, where he called for nationwide caps on malpractice awards.

Bush arrives in Jackson early Wednesday and a motorcade will zip him to Madison Central High School. He's scheduled to hold a 30-minute private forum on economic issues before addressing an invitation-only crowd in the Madison Central gymnasium.

After that, Bush goes to the Hilton hotel in northeast Jackson for a fund-raising luncheon for Republican Congressman Chip Pickering who faces Democratic Congressman Ronnie Shows in one of the nation's most closely watched congressional races.

Tickets are one-thousand dollars each. The menu includes gumbo, salad, catfish, green beans and Mississippi mud pie.

The president also will attend a 25-thousand-dollar-per-ticket gathering for the Mississippi Republican Party. A White House spokeswoman says she does NOT know when or where that event will be.