Harrison County Remembers Three Unknown Victims Of Hurricane Camille

HARRISON COUNTY(WLOX)--172 people were left dead or missing on that August 17th night in 1969. But of all of Hurricane Camille's Mississippi victims, 3 would remain forever nameless.

"Out of all of the bodies 3 were never identified," says Harrison County Emergency Management Director Rupert Lacy. "And Harrison County took it on as a let's come out every year on the Anniversary day."

Though they weren't found together, they now rest together in Gulfport's Pine Ridge Gardens Cemetery under the names given to them, Faith, Hope, and Charity.

"We really don't know what was the factor that brought these lost souls to our attention," says Lacy. "You don't know if they were homeless. You don't know if they were tourists and just didn't heed the warnings that were put out."

Lacy is repeating a ritual his predecessors have carried out every year since Camille, by placing flowers on the graves of these 3 lost souls found in rubble.

"They were three middle age women. Technology wasn't what it is now and they were never able to identify them though any type of dental records and back then we didn't have DNA records."

They're now symbols of Camille's legacy, and Lacy says, their untold story is a reminder to everyone to respect the deadly power of natures unpredictable fury.

"We're following a tradition. Hopefully people will remember them. Somebody will always pick up and take this challenge over. We've had several different groups do it over the years and the Emergency Management, Civil Defense office will keep that charge going."

by Don Culpepper.