Red Cross Launches Heroes Campaign

BILOXI (WLOX) -- During times of disaster, Red Cross workers are usually among the first on the scene. Their presence touched virtually everyone in our area during Katrina and her aftermath. Local leaders of the Red Cross say the national chapter of the organization is tightening its purse strings to offset our nation's economic woes, and they're depending on some local heroes to come to the rescue.

"This is a campaign that we do annually, and we recruit different people throughout the community. We really try to put together a cross section--teachers, students, real estate people, attorneys," said Raemona Walker, a Red Cross director.

Each of the hero's goals is to raise at least a thousand dollars each for the Red Cross in September. During the meeting, they shared their ideas for individual fundraisers. They included a yard sale, radiothon, and one idea even dates back decades.

"We were talking about doing an eighties party. I thought that would be a fun way to raise some money," said Hero Kenneth Jones.

This is Jones's second time to be a Red Cross Hero. He says his decision to come on board as a hero was an easy one.

"When they were down here for the storm, they really did a lot for the community, and I really got involved with them from that standpoint, and just decided to keep on doing fundraisers for them," Jones said.

Red Cross leaders are still looking for a corporate sponsor for September's Heroes Campaign. In the meantime, these individuals will be doing their part to raise money that will be used right here in our community.

The Red Cross currently has 25 heroes for September's fundraiser. They are hoping to find ten more and to raise at least $35,000.

For more information, call the Red Cross at 896-4511.