Grocery Shoppers Feel Economic Pinch

By Toni Miles - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Grocery shopping is no easy task for Michelle Brown. She has a family of six to feed. With the increasing cost of food, she keeps a close eye on what she buys at the grocery store.

"Like the milk and stuff, it's gone up to almost four dollars a gallon, and you know other stuff, went up 15 cents," Brown said.

Everyone we talked to is trying to find some way to help make up for the higher prices. Some people clip coupons, others shop only shop when there are good sales. David Valdez shops for his mother, so she doesn't have to pay for gas.

"She's on a fixed income, so it really affects her, the way prices are going," Valdez said.

"Instead of getting like a lot of meat, we have to get like one or two packets of meat, and we have to buy the family size instead of the individuals," said Jessica Walker and Chris German.

The price jump also has people giving up name brand foods for cheaper foods.

"A lot of non-name brand food, and coupons from my mom. She uses a lot of coupons. I use some of hers, and non name brand stuff, look for sales, stuff like that," Valdez said.

"Every little bit helps, we get great value most of the time," said Walker and German.

Shoppers hope the decrease in gas will eventually trickle down to the food market. But for now, they say the high cost of food is just something they'll have to swallow until better days come along.

"The answer? I'll get two jobs, get another job. That's the only thing you can do. You can't stop eating," Michelle Brown said.