Bayou LaCroix Neighbors Complain Of Raw Sewage

By Al Showers - bio | email

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Residents in Hancock County's Bayou LaCroix Estates say they need help in solving a nasty mystery. They want to know where raw sewage is coming from, and how its ending up in the bayou in front of their homes.

Glenn Bonano and his neighbors say they've contacted everyone they could think of, trying to find the source of the nasty mess. So far no one has been able to trace the source.

"Grinded up sewage is what it looks like," Bonano said. "It's been happening for the last year. Two or three times a week we've been seeing it."

"The safety and the health of our neighborhood is at risk because of what I would term environmental terrorism. Someone has been dumping sewerage or leaking sewerage some where in the Bayou, and it's flowing past my property," Chris Vosbein said.

Vosbein said the problem is so bad no one in the area can enjoy their water front property.

"We can't let our children and our grandchildren swim. We're afraid to eat the seafood out of these waterways," Vosbein said.

"We've been seeing a large amount of it. Like hundreds of gallons at a time," Bonano said.

"People could get sick, people could catch hepatitis. I've called the Hancock Health Department and they tell me if I don't have a picture of where the sewerage is coming from, then they can't do anything about it. And I'm trying to figure out when is it my responsibility to do my government's job? I thought we all paid taxes. We're still hoping that this interview here will spark some action," Vosbein said.

WLOX News contacted officials with the Health Department, who referred us to the Department of Environmental Quality. A spokesman with the DEQ told us they would send someone out to investigate the problem.

The director of the Hancock County Water and Sewer District also told WLOX News that he would send a crew out to try and find the source of the problem.