44 Pieces Artwork Mounted To St. Louis Bay Bridge

By Danielle Thomas - bio | email

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Now people who walk the length of the St. Louis Bay Bridge can enjoy an even lovelier view. Crews are putting up dozens of pieces of artwork along the pedestrian walkway designed entirely by local artists.

Crews have to work quickly and carefully. They say in properly mounting the works of art to the St. Louis Bay Bridge, there is no room for mistakes.

"You only get one chance at it," said Steve Waller of Landmark Contracting. "So instead of measuring twice and cutting once, we measure it ten times and make sure we get it right. There's no going back."

Closely watching was sculptor Greg Moran. He's spent the past year making the plaques and said the job hasn't always been easy.

"In a way, these are kind of like my kids and I'm watching someone else handle them at this point," said Moran. "They're doing a great job and it's going to look beautiful."

When the project is complete, 22 distance markers will line the St. Louis Bay Bridge. Each is coupled with a metal rendering of a specially chosen drawing done by a local artist.

"Each plaque is completely different," Moran said. "So my job was to take the line drawings and sculpt them into three dimensional form so they'd really stand out."

MDOT officials say they're used to looking at the nuts and bolts of constructing a bridge and not so much the aesthetics. They say it feels good to watch something beautiful emerge from the Katrina's devastation.

David Seyfarth is a district area engineer.

"This bridge and the Biloxi Bay Bridge are both very important to the communities. A nice connection and obviously a landmark. You can see these from out in the Gulf. They're a big part of the community and we wanted to make it just that."

Meanwhile joggers and walkers can't wait.

"I think it looks wonderful," said Hank Martinez. "The artists did a really good job with it. It's really nice. It looks great."

Greg Moran is currently working on the plaques and distance markers for the Biloxi Bay Bridge.