Search For Missing Python Continues

The search continues for a missing snake lost early Tuesday in Waveland.

Zeus is a two year old, nine foot, olive green, Burmese python. Neighbors have expressed their concerns and fears, while the family prays he'll return home safely.

In Waveland owner Thomas Teabout is on the trail of Zeus. He's turning over wood, leaves, and debris, confident he'll soon see his pet back at home.

Although he had just bought the snake last week, the loss of the family pet has been tough.

"Yeah, actually it is. I didn't know what to do for the first couple of days, but I'm hoping we find it," Teabout said.

On Monday, Teabout came into his garage to make sure that both of his snakes had water. Zeus was in his cage, with the eight month old female, who is yet to be named. On Tuesday, Teabout came home from work and noticed the snake was gone. He figures Zeus pushed out of this back door and slithered out.

David Butler from Butler's Pets on Pass Road says that snakes want to hide, they seldom stay out in the open.

"Most snakes are escape artists, it's very important that their environments are secure," Butler said.

Butler has a phython of his own, Mistic. She is his five years old, ten feet long and sixty five pounds.

"Snakes are not aggressive animals, a lot of that we feel has to do with human contact and handling," Butler said.

Butler said if you find Zeus, be careful and cautious and use common sense. If you don't bother it, it won't bother you.

"Pets snakes in the wild can sometimes revert back to a defensive animal, not an aggressive, but defensive," Butler said.

Animal experts want you to be aware that these types of animals require more care than a traditional pet. Animals want to protect themselves, but you can do that for them, by doing research about the pets needs, and not making mistakes.

"More and more people are becoming interested in exotic animals, and a lot of the exotic animals don't make the best of pets, you have to have special knowledge about diets, habitats, and they do have their own particular needs," WRANPS Director, Katy Pope said.

"If you leave the gate open the dog's going to get out, if you don't secure the top the snake's going to get out," Butler said.

Although Zeus is a domestic pet, remember in the wild, animals can be very defensive. You should use commonsense if you come across wild animals. Experts say it's most likely that they are more scared of you, than you are of them.

If you have seen Zeus or know of his whereabouts please call the Waveland police at 467-3669 or dial 911.