Moss Point Chief Speaks Out About Assault Accusations

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point Police Chief Sheila Smallman says there is no truth to Alvin McCovery's police abuse story.

"The city gave me a job to do and that is to run this police department. And under my watch I will not tolerate any brutality."

Last week, McCovery and NAACP President Curley Clark told WLOX News that a Moss Point Police officer allegedly assaulted McCorvey.

"They wrestled me down and took my car keys. I was a victim, and at the same time, threatened," McCorvey said.

Smallman admits her officers left their jurisdiction, but the incident started in Moss Point. The chief said city officers never touched McCovery, they only assisted Jackson County deputies.

"Two witness came by the station and filled out two reports that neither of the Moss Point officers got involved with the call. The deputy on site came to the station to verify that the officers were not involved," Chief Smallman said.

"We will let some other authorities be the judge of that. Because, as of this day, we are going to make sure criminal charges are pressed," Clark said.

Clark also pointed out that there have been three other police brutality complaints against Moss Point in the past six months. He believes the answer is better communication.

"I think the citizens review board is definitely needed to provide some type of accountability," Clark said.

Chief Smallman said she is not interested in starting a citizens review board, but she does have an open door policy for any resident who has a complaint about the Moss Point Police Department.

"I would love for Mr. Clark to come in anytime he gets a complaint, so he can get his preliminary investigation completed without going to the news media with these false accusations," Chief Smallman said.

Clark said he will continue to push city leaders to form a citizens review board to help better serve the community.