Harrison County Woman Survives Close Call With Lightning

Pat Yoder lives on East Dubuission Road in Harrison County, not far from Menge Avenue. She will never forget what happened to her Tuesday morning.

"I must have been standing right around here, and this is the light switch, because I ended up on the floor over there."

Pat says she blacked out. She has no idea if it was a few moments, or a few minutes, but when she came to, she was disoriented.

"I could not get up. I said I have got to get up. What is wrong with me? What happened to me? I could not get up here, so I crawled over to the chair," Pat says.

She thought she may have had a diabetic attack, but then she looked at the tree outside her porch, and knew lightning had struck.

"It ran down the tree and it went through and knocked all the dirt up like you would be plowing a field," Pat says.

The lightning followed the root of the tree, right under the porch where Pat was standing. It even blew the nails right our of the wood planks.

The lighting hit with such force it shattered the covering of a light switch, just three feet from Pat . It also knocked a small picture off the wall and into the living room some 15 feet away.

As for Pat, when she came to, she couldn't believe it.

"I said, 'Good Lord, the devil is after me. Gotta get right!'"

So, how is it that Pat Yoder survived such a ferocious lightning strike? She points to her shoes with their thick rubber soles.

"I think they saved my life. I do, I really do."

Pat says it just wasn't her time to go. The same cannot be said for that tree in front of her house. She says it's coming down as soon as her husband gets around to it.

One other interesting note, Pat Yoder has had two other near misses with lightning. One happened when she was a child, the other happened again about 25 years ago.

Lightning can be fascinating to watch, it is also extremely dangerous. The National Weather Service has some important information to keep you and your loved ones safe. Click here to find out more.

By: Jeff Lawson
Online Producer: Renee Johnson