Captain Scott Simpson's Trout and Red fish report

Who says that fishing for Speckled Trout slows down during the winter months.

Large Trout like the 8 lb. 8 oz'r that Capt. Scott is holding can and will be caught in back bay areas all through out the winter months. If your looking to make a catch like this, be patient and have confidence in the baits that you may be throwing. It may take some time, but there swimming out there and getting even bigger in our waters these days.

I still like to throw top water baits like the MirrOlure "She Dog" that this particular Trout was caught with. Slow trolling is a very popular method of fishing during the winter months. It is good to have a depth finder to locate the deep holes that are around almost every bend while entering the back bay river systems.

We are blessed along the coast to have rivers emptying into the Bay of St. Louis and the Back Bay of Biloxi. These bays both on the east and west sides of the coast provide some excellent winter fishing opportunities. If you do not have a boat and do not have access to getting to some of these places, try using a pair of neophreme chest waders and just fishing along the banks.

The large Trout that Capt. Scott is holding was caught by this very method. Remember to have good sharp hooks on all of your lures and make it a practice to frequently check you knots (tied to lure) for abrasions. If you are fishing near Oyster shells, rocks, piers, logs, stumps and are getting snagged every now and then, it is good to check you knot out. If in doubt re-tye, if you loose a large fish due to line breakage, this will send you home in a sad mood.

One other tip when fighting large Trout, do not keep your drag real tight. Have it where the fish will be able to run when he needs to, better too loose than too tight!! Hope you can catch you some excitement while on the water as I did with this particular Trout. Capt. Scott Simpson